Puppy Products that Gets their Tales to Wagging

pug-puppyThere are many things to enjoy with a puppy in your life and with a little time, effort and patience, it will be one of the most rewarding relationships you’ve ever had. If you’re considering a new puppy or already have one, there are a few products that your dog will absolutely love and some he will need as well.

Consider these products to enhance the happiness of your fur baby’s life and you will be glad you did.

Collar & Leash – Okay. We know that this is one product you probably acquired before getting your dog but there’s nothing like a little reminder. Collars can be as plain or fancy as you like, as long as they work to hold any licenses or tags to identify your dog. You will definitely need a leash to walk your dog and get him the exercise he needs.

Crates & Containment – If you haven’t considered or purchased this item, run out and do so right now! Crates and containment are essential items to have during the housetraining process. They help to confine the dog to the designated areas of the home. A dog crate or carrier will be needed for transport home, and playpens, exercise pens and gates are other products to assist in confinement during training as well.

Doggy Bed – Once your dog has been housetrained, he can graduate from the crate to the dog bed. You want your puppy to be as comfortable as possible when he sleeps at night and to make this possible, a comfy doggy bed works wonders. There are several types to choose from but among the most popular are the smaller beds that are layered in sheepskin or fleece. They help to make the dog feel nice and cozy while sleeping.

Feeding & Water Bowls – Doggy dishes on deck! You need food and water and so does your puppy. There are a variety of choices out there and you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. Plastic, ceramic and stainless steel options are the most popular for dog bowls but consider maintenance before purchasing. Yes! You also have to wash the bowls that your fur babies eat and drink from as well.